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Maria Mar

Melides Surf & Guest House

Only 1h15 minutes away from Lisbon Airport and just 5 km driving distance from the beach, there´s Maria Mar Surf & Guest House – Ana´s lovely project.

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I met “Maria Mar” (that is actually called Ana and it is the owner of Maria Mar Hostel) almost two years ago, in one of my surf trips to Alentejo. I found out about Ana´s project at that time, but it was only last month, in September, that I visited it for the first time. 

It was already on our way back home, really close to Melides, that we found Maria Mar – the Surf House. It is a cozy small country house with “sea” everywhere: anchors, shells, boat parts and classic surfing days pictures in the closest beaches.

Besides the dorms and private rooms, the house has two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a big dining and living room. Outside you can find a small fountain with a mini pool. It´s lovely! 

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We had a “sunset beer” at praia de Melides and in the evening, a lovely dinner at “Tia Rosa” restaurant just about 10 minutes drive away. 

We spent the night in one of the private double rooms and had one of the best mattresses that I ever slept on, really comfortable. 

Early in the morning, we had our breakfast ready on the dining table – there were several jams, milk, juice, cornflakes, some cake, tea, and coffee, etc. 

Even that we did not try other services, because we only stayed over one night, there are several activities you can experiment, like surf, SUP, hiking, bird watching and much more.

Maria Mar is a pretty nice place, on a budget, to stay over on your way to deep Alentejo (or back to Lisbon). See it for yourself and book at:





(the bed was super comfortable, but unfortunately in our room – the closest one to the kitchen & living room – we could hear all the cars passing on the road – that it´s just next by. Also, you hear the housemates walking around, cooking and speaking in the whole house. 

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