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Lanzarote, Vulcanos & Manrique

After 2 trips to other Canarian Islands, I was kind of disappointed, but still I took the chance and flew to Arrecife last December. Maybe it was because I had so low expectations, but I loved this Island. Lanzarote nature, together with all the creations that the local artist César Manrique build up, it is magical. Under you can see some pictures I took while I was visiting the Island.


I stayed at a quiet surfhouse in Famara, nothing fancy, but it was quite OK. The “pueblo” is pretty small, but it has a relaxed surfing atmosphere. Reminded my of home, so I loved it. Forget night life, there are just some restaurants around and surfcamps. Maybe in the summer there´s some parties around, but not at this time of the year (beginning of December).

At the Island, there are several surf spots, but when I was there, I just surfed at the beach break in Playa de Famara. Just 5 minutes away, right in front of my surfcamp in Caleta de Famara, there was a point break and some other beach breaks more far outside and to the left. Their called: – El Cagao: short, fast reef break of excellent quality for surfers of all levels. Left and right. – El Muelle: fast and long reef break perfect for barrels and manoeuvres. Left and right. – El Barco: incredibly long and mellow left and right reef breaks, perfect for longboards, stand-up-paddles and beginner surfers starting to ride unbroken waves. Also, you can search the other known surf spots around the island: La Santa, Arrieta, Caleta Caballo and Orzola Beach. I heard that La Santa was their “Nazaré” of waves, but never saw it working.


I was on a tight budget, so I did cook a lot at the surf house and ate lots of “Papas” with “mojo” – their tradicional boiled potatoes with green or red Canarian sauce. Loved it. I also order several times my favourite spanish tapa: chiperones – fried baby skids – sounds awful, tastes great. But be careful with the wine… I´ve got terrible headaches from cheap red wine hahaha


You can´t miss some of the attractions in the island. My favourites were: Mirador del Rio, Cuevas de los Verdes, Jameos del Agua, Montañas de Fuego and Playa de Papagayo.


“On clear days we can see the islands that make up the Archipelago Chinijo Nature Park: first we find the island of La Graciosa, behind it are Montaña Clara and Roque del Oeste and at the background, Alegranza. The narrow sea strip that separates us from the islets is called “El Río” (The River) and gives its name to this Viewpoint. From here we can also appreciate the base of the Famara Cliff and the “Salinas del Río” or “Guza”, distinguished by its red colors and for being the oldest salt mines of the Island. ” at


“There aren’t many places that gather as many areas of interest for the cultural and natural heritage of Lanzarote as Cueva de los Verdes, a unique mythological-looking cave, full of legends and extraordinary landscape and beauty. It came about after the eruption of the Volcán de la Corona, and it’s one of the most impressive hidden wonders in the depths of Lanzarote. It was used as a hideout by the locals who needed shelter to protect themselves from invasions and attacks of pirates coming from the north of Africa during the 16th and 17th Centuries. In the 19th Century, it became a must for travellers, experts and European scientists due to the uniqueness of this volcanic territory, named after a family that kept their cattle in the area, the story goes. In the 1960s, the Cabildo of Lanzarote turned to artist from Fuerteventura Jesús Soto, later in close collaboration with Manrique, to adapt this natural volcanic sanctuary that has become an attraction for thousands of visitors who wish to unveil its secret. Soto used his knowledge and focused on the lights and shadows to make the most of the brightness on rocks and highlight the shapes left by the lava on its way. The range of ochre, grey, black and red shades take over this dark paradise and imitate the light drawing grotesque landscapes and spectacular rocky structures to the amazement of visitors. Going into Cueva de los Verdes is, without a doubt, going on a journey to the centre of the earth.” at


“In the south of Lanzarote is one of the most popular beaches of the island, Papagayo, a cove of white sand, reduced size and great beauty. In the shape of a bay or shell (some locals prefer to call it the latter), Papagayo wins you over with its crystal clear, emerald green water which remains still all day long just like in a swimming pool. It’s perfect for taking up snorkeling and for enjoying the beauty of its depths or for letting the children splash about without having to worry.” at


“Jameos del Agua is a place on earth where nature and mankind decided to come together. It was César Manrique who knew how to envision and transform what used to be debris of a volcanic tube with lava flowing from Volcán de la Corona, on the north of the island, into a unique place in the world. It was his privileged mind and hands full of life, the ones that gave shape to the rough black basalt, a place where peace and quiet, harmony and beauty prevail. White, blue, green and black, those are the colours Manrique gave to his island. Those colours get mixed up along a path of outstanding and extraordinary beauty, encouraging the imagination and dreams. On every corner, from a fresh entrance covered by large green ferns where small birds sing, to an original Auditorium, unique in the world due to its geological and acoustic features, in Jameos del Agua, every detail is a constant suggestion to reflect on, look inwards and day dream. Blind crags (Munidopsis Polimorpha), an endemic local species, always moved by low and high tides. The pristine water pool, and the never-ending Atlántida tunnel that goes deep into the Atlantic, help visitors enjoy a personal experience difficult to forget. Jameos del Agua is the first Art, Culture and Tourism Centre ever to be created by César Manrique, and for many, it is also a reflection of his aesthetic ideals: harmony between nature and art.” at


This was my first solo trip. I loved it and I felt that it was the perfect place to do it. If your looking for some sun and nice weather just a few hours (and euros) away, I can recommend to visit the island in our European winter. It is definitely my favorite Canarian Island. Go for it!



Sara, viajeira de corpo & mente, apreciadora de comida saudável (e da outra também) & de tudo o que é bom na vida. 

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